Music and Lyrics: Getting Heartbroken in the 80’s.

The SpeciaLIST – A few of my favourite things.

Looking back at my teenage years in the 80’s is simply mortifying but acutely amusing too. Remember that first love that did not work out? That terrible fight with your boyfriend that seemed like the end of the world. That angst, that anguish… all of it had one therapy. Love songs. It is so much simpler now with a playlist than having to change tapes that hissed angrily as they got stuck in the tape recorder. Music may have changed, but feelings remain the same.

My playlist for heartbreak from the age of retro. What would have I done without it?

  1. All Out Of Love: Air Supply. When you are sitting and beseeching the universe for a phone call from Mr Right.
  2. Broken Wings : Mister Mister. Begging him for another chance because you are so perfect together.
  3. Drive: The Cars. When you are teetering on the edge of heartbreak induced neurosis.
  4. Woman in Love: Barbara Streisand. Because only you can love him like nobody else can.
  5. Foolish Beat: Debbie Gibson. It’s over. You know it is. This time it is. For sure.
  6. Against All Odds: Phil Collins. Grovelling, obsessing, dialling his number constantly.
  7. Careless Whisper: George Michael. The cheating rat! After all those lies he dished out and dumped you for your best friend.
  8. Missing You: John Waite. Denial and tears. How will you live without him?
  9. Shattered Dreams: Johnny Hates Jazz. Running through every moment you spent together and wondering how you will spend the rest of your life.
  10. Keep on Loving You: Reo Speedwagon. It has been preordained that you will love him forever. This was true love. You know it now. Too late.
  11. You Keep Me Hangin’ On: Kim Wilde. That creep. Who does he think he is!
  12. I Will Survive: Gloria Gaynor. The anthem for all women who made it through all the heartache and drama. Woman empowerment at its best.

The songs nursed the wounds that love threw your way. The commiseration of knowing that someone sang the perfect lyrics for your imperfect state of mind. These songs survived the test of time. So did I. So will you. He’s out there somewhere, your destined one. Till then, thank you for the music.

P.S. I did find love, ultimately.

Disclaimer: This list is a matter of personal choice. No defence for inclusions. No offence for non-inclusions.

Alisha “Priti” Kirpalani is the author of a “A Smattering Of Darkness: Short and Shorter Twisted Tales,” a collection of short stories of varying lengths encapsulating the grey shades of the human psyche. Her new novel will be released later this year.

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