Kickass Titles That Might Make A Killing On Medium

Six hours straight, of studying Medium story titles and the elusive hearts that follow them, somewhat like Medium’s little lambs. I am trying to solve the mystery of what is it that draws people to delve further into a story. Mind you, I am just checking out the titles not the content.

From my experience, which may be limited in time but varied in theme, I have discovered there is no winning formula. My home spun advice stories seemed popular till the next one was not. My articles on writing seesawed inconclusively. My philosophical tirades reached very few ears. I played around with a few titles and realised that a rose by any other name smelled sweeter sometimes.

Therein began my experiment of title stalking. Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands. Medium is a gift to insomniacs.

Here they are. The hypothesis of my research. My fantasy titles that might hit the heart jackpot. (Drum roll)

The Iguana That Lived Next Door : A short story about an iguana that lived next door and the life lessons learned from it. Hey, this is just an intriguing title. The story may or may not ever be written.

How To Be Productive While You Sleep : I will sleep on this one and let you know.

Making Money, Building Castles In the Air : If I ever know how to do that, I promise to share.

The Real T Behind Technology : This sounds so technologically erudite. Doesn’t it?

When I Found Out My Babysitter Was My Real Mother : I would want to read this one. It has all the ingredients of drama, romance and suspense.

An App To Make You An Overnight (fill in the blank) : Overnight and free. These two words sell themselves.

Foolproof Ways To Divorce Your Wife And Avoid Alimony : I can already hear the thunder of recommends drawing close.

My Teenager Is An Obedient Angel : Tag this under fantasy.

The Candidate Who Should Be Ruler Of The Seven Kingdoms : Combining a political scenario and a popular show should do the trick.

Designing And Coding The Perfect Time Machine : All the ingredients in one knockout title.

So which of these would win over your heart? Anyone? Someone?

Alisha “Priti” Kirpalani is the author of “A Smattering Of Darkness: Short and Shorter Twisted Tales,” a collection of short stories of varying lengths encapsulating the grey shades of the human psyche. Her new novel will be released later this year.

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