Alisha “Priti” Kirpalani lives in Mumbai along with her husband, two daughters, one cat and over a hundred board games.

Out With Lanterns – a genre breaking novel about the discovery of life, love and everything in between, was published by Readomania Publishers.

A Smattering of Darkness – Short and Shorter Twisted Tales, a collection of short stories encapsulating the grey shades of the psyche, was published on Amazon in December 2015. This short anthology receives high ratings and reviews to date.

I play many roles simultaneously, changing colours as the need arises.
Through the lens of empathy, compassion and most of all understanding, I pen my stories. I believe we all face defeat, drudgery, death at some point in our lives. How do we feel? What sees us through? We are all prisoners of our minds, of the events in our lives and of those around us. The tip of the iceberg, shiny and gleaming, is not what interests me. The solid mass beneath, that which supports the brittle edifice is what fascinates me. What we frantically hide from prying eyes but what dominates each and every one of us.
That convoluted working of the psyche.

Alisha ‘Priti’ Kirpalani




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